Alex has studied music (singing) at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston, USA and has received her M.Mus. degree from the Royal Academy of Music in London. She has toured, singing classical music, cabaret and yiddish songs in Germany, Greece, France, Israel, New York and at festivals and theatres in the UK, with appearances at the prestigious St. Ceciliatide Festival in London, the International Jewish Music Festival and at the South Bank Centre.
She has broadcast live singing cabaret
songs on BBC Radio 3.

Alex now specialises in the performance of cabaret music and the yiddish song repertoire. Various authors have written shows for her. In November 2002 she has won a grant from the Jewish Music Institute in London who is a partner with the Millenium Commission to research the life and music of Jewish cabaret composers Mischa Spoliansy and Werner Richard Heymann who had to flee Nazi Germany in 1933. The project "Famed, Framed, Forgotten" will result in a recording and several concerts, lectures and workshops in Berlin and London. The recording will be available in November 2003..

Forthcoming engagements will take
Alex to Hamburg in January and May, to New York in February and April, to London and Berlin in March and June and to Düsseldorf in July. Alex also teaches singing and has given workshops on yiddish songs in various centres in London and Paris.

In September 2000
Alex was awarded a grant from the National Lottery in London to research the extraordinary life of Alma Mahler (wife to Gustav Mahler) which has since resulted in the play MEN ON FIRE written by Ron Hart and which has been shown to great acclaim in various theatres in the UK.